Layered Zodiac Babe Necklace

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This Layered Zodiac Babe Necklace is light weight and dainty. Show off your unique zodiac sign- no matter if you're the ram, whose adventurous, ambitious and competitive or the Virgo whose practical, analytical and sophisticated; represent your sign!

The Zodiacs are divided into 12 signs- Astrologists believe your zodiac sign reveals a lot about your personality and temperament. There are four elements of the Zodiac: Air, Earth, Fire & Water! All 12 Zodiac signs have a symbol, zodiac constellations, and their attributes- What's Your Zodiac Sign? 

Materials: Gold Plated, Zinc, Nickel Free

Approx. in length: 16-18+3 Extension


What is included with purchase:

Jewelry Care Instructions & Jewelry Cleaning Cloth.